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IP Porta only makes very limited use of cookies which we manage in our own name. In this cookie policy we provide you with more information about the types of cookies we use and whether or not the visitor has the right to refuse cookies.

I.             What are cookies?

As owner of this website, IP Porta makes use of so-called ‘cookies’. Cookies are small data or text files that are installed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or use a (mobile) application allowing certain usage information to be stored. These cookie files contain unique extracts of information, such as a visitor's language preference for a particular web page. If the visitor in question would visit the same web page again at a later time, the stored cookies will be transmitted back to (the server of) that web page during this visit. This way, the web page recognizes the visitor's web browser. In the example above, this method, for example, allows the web page to remember the visitor's language preference.

Cookies have an expiry period. After this period, the cookies will be deleted and no longer used. Some cookies are automatically deleted from the visitor's computer or mobile device as soon as the visitor closes his web browser (so-called ‘session cookies’). Other types of cookies are used to store information between visits to the website. They can be stored on the visitor’s computer or mobile device for a longer period of time and sometimes even have to be deleted manually by the visitor himself (so-called ‘permanent cookies’).

II.           Cookies used by IP Porta

IP Porta, the owner of this website, makes use of the following types of cookies on the website that you are currently visiting:

1.    Cookies for functional purposes

IP Porta strictly uses functional cookies to enable the website to function optimally. The cookies in question are necessary for the proper functioning and security of the website. If the visitor wishes to visit this website, he or she cannot oppose the use of such cookies by us or refuse to allow us to use such cookies in any way. They form part of the legitimate interests of IP Porta.

 More specifically, the following cookies are concerned: 


Time of expiry



Removed after the user session

Used to maintain the status of the user's session across pages.


Removed after 1 day

Used to store data in the form of an identity.


Removed after 1 day

Used to keep track of the preferred language.


Removed after 1 day

Used to store data in the form of an identity.


2.    Cookies for other purposes

IP Porta does not use any cookies other than functional cookies.

Moreover, IP Porta will not use the aforementioned cookies for purposes other than those indicated above.

III.        How can the visitor determine which cookies are stored on its computer or mobile device and how can he delete these cookies?

If the visitor wants to find out which cookies are stored on his computer or mobile device or if he wants to know how to delete these cookies, the visitor can consult the settings of his web browser and, if necessary, change them.

IV.          Contact

If you have any questions or comments regarding our cookie policy, please contact us by:

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